Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Installing Canon PIXMA MP210 on ArchLinux

So it took a little bit trial and error, but I finally got my printer working tonight.  Here's the just of what it took.

  1. Follow steps here to get CUPS up and running.  Make sure to blacklist 'usblp'.
  2. Install the cnijfilter-mp210 package from AUR
  3. Add 'acl' option to your root file system mount.
  4. I could see my printer was recognized now when plugged in from the output of 'dmesg |tail'.  But whenever I tried to print a test page I got an error in my cups log(http://localhost:631/admin/log/error_log) complaining like: '
    Unable to open listen socket for address ::1:631 - Address family not supported by protocol.'
  5. I deleted the printer and reinstalled it. Pointed it to my ppd file in /usr/share/cups/model. And it works! I notice the device path in the printer config changed, maybe a bad one got autoconfiged before I did the blacklist. :/

Woot, let's burn some ink!


Benjamin said...

Did you happen to build this in a 32-bit environment? I'm trying to get it working in 64-bit and not having much luck. Any help is appreciated.

Dewert said...

Seems to be unnecessary to install this nowadays - works with the built-in gutenprint/mp220 driver (package: gutenprint). However, the permissions are f'ed.

Try lsusb, and then change the permissions on /dev/bus/usb/003/006 (your numbers may differ).

Should be owned by root, group lp, with permission 660.

There should be a permanent way to do this with udev rules, will report back.

Sweet Fairy said...

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