Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Two Party Theatrical Demockracy

I have been getting really frustrated with our political system as of late. Reading, listening, and watching what is supposed to be the livelihood of our representative political system makes me feel so ashamed and angry. I received a chain slander mail the other day about Obama supposedly making fun of the bible. You might be able to view the you tube video here, if it has not been removed as slander yet. My respose to this goes as follows.

This video takes snippets of one paragraph of a 8 page speech Obama game at a Christian social justice convention. The snippets are taken horribly out of context from his thoughts on why the founding fathers were persistent on separation of church and state. This video is typical of the two party system which calls it self a democracy, but very typical of the ultra conservative right wing that has to use lies and slander to win elections. In the case of George W. Bush by having dead people vote for you or fraudulent voting machines. All American citizens should be worried about the widespread use of these electronic voting machines that have not been checked to meet accuracy and security standards of elections because the private firm won't allow it.
It is amazing to me that so many people in America still believe that Saddam had WMDs and the terrorists that caused the WTC attacks were from Iraq. The corporate media just repeats whatever the government says without fact checking and people take it without questioning it. Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh are destroying the intelligence, reputation and democracy of this country.
If this is supposed to be a democracy, then why are the presidential elections run by a private for-profit company run by former chairs of the DFL and GOP? That is not democracy, that is corporate dictatorship. Only the wealthy can ever make it to the white house and they have to play by the rules of the corrupt parties. I wonder if the American public will ever wake up and stop being ignorant, selfish and greedy pawns who elect leaders that give more rights to corporations than people, fight wars on OUR behalf without consent of the people or congress, take it upon themselves to decide what is best for everyone based on their beliefs, tarnish the reputation of our great country, homogenize the marketplace, ship our jobs overseas, give tax cuts to the rich and corporations, and have total disregard for the constitution and the bill of rights.
People need to slow down for a minute and think, question the information they are bombarded with everyday from a plethora of media sources. Learning history shows that the current economic recession is not some random phenomenon, it is the cuase of bad policy that started all the way back with Presiden Reggan. The free market philosophy and trickle down economics will not solve this. And what is our governments solution for all these companies that are failing? We are bailing them out. And I mean WE the taxpayer. Why are we having the fix problems that our politicians made? I wish the new Twins stadium would be called "Taxpayer Field" not "Target Field" because we have beared the burden of that one. I pay all these taxes that I expect to see in social services in my community, but I feel disregarded. I ride a bike around on city streets and I get honked at and ran off the road by car/trucks because I am in the way, even though I pay just as much tax for that road as the car drivers. Maybe if Pawlenty would stop vetoing transportation funding bills for more bus lines and trains then we wouldn't be stuck in traffic all the time and paying so much damn money for gasoline.
If you have made it this far in my rant, I thank you. I really hope you seriously consider some of the things I have discussed here. I also want to make sure all of you know that this is a democracy and not a two party system. There are a number of third parties that have been and are running for president. I encourage you to learn and compare what their stances are on ISSUES not who said lipstick on what animal who wrote what book and invented what attended what party shallow bullcrap.

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