Thursday, October 16, 2008

Well tax me silly saint suit and dolly

The peoples presidential debate is this Sunday October 19th on and C-Span at 6-8pm central time. Watch it or be powned by the corporate welfare state, the one that WE pay for.

Why organic you say? Heres why:
  • If organic farming methods were practiced on all the planet's food-growing land, it would be like taking more than 1.5 billion cars off the road.
  • You can increase your antioxidant intake by 30 percent by choosing organic.
  • The average child in America is exposed to five pesticides daily in their food and drinking water.
  • The U.S. water system is regularly contaminated above safe limits immediately following chemical fertilizer applications to farm fields.
  • Farms in developing countries that use organic techniques produce an average of 79% more than farms that don't.
Live long and prosper.

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