Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A political followup rant

There are lots of corporate media outlets of which Fox has been the worst in their fact checking and bias. I tend to digest multiple news sources everyday which include main stream sources like CNN, Kare11, Star Tribune, as well as liberal media like, Air America Radio, and media that strives to be focused on objective truth like,,, and NPR/MPR. It is pretty obvious the democrats or a 3rd party have not stolen the election in the past decade, but there is evidence that a republican did twice. And he is getting away with it. No other US President in histroy has had such disregard for the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights than Bush.
There is lots of debate about how to improve the country but there are also alot of apathetic citizens as well. Within the right and the left and center there are splinters and branches because people get stubborn about this issue or that. It can be very unproductive to have so many groups fighting for a bunch of things in common, but won´t work together because of the few things they don´t. Too many people look down on protesters but have great reverence for the military. This country has been forged not only by the military industrial complex but by dissent and people actively speaking out about the truth of the world and society.
Ask your self why you have never heard of any of the third parties. The fact that that question even has to be asked shows how sad this democracy really is. This leads back to the corporate media ruining our democracy, because they give little or no coverage to any 3rd parties. They are not considered valid choices in our demockracy. But I bet you everyone has heard of OSHA, the EPA, the clean water act, seat belts, air bags, etc. This was all work of Ralph Nader. He is not a nobody and not even he can get media coverage or even in the the debates! If everyone is so patriotic and loves this country so much, why isn't anyone trying to make it better and respect it for the democracy it really should be?
It is really ironic and horrible that a lot of the corruption, hatred, and motivation behind politics, greed, and wars are done be people claiming great faith in Jesus, Mohammed, etc. I don't see how any person of faith can put their support behind a system that goes against so many common religous values. US society and capatalism is based on greed. Our entertainment and marketing culture is driven by sex. Our way of life is destroying the earth and its other non-human inhabitants. Religous values are still being forced onto the people of America despite so called separation and churches not paying taxes. We are so selfish and full of ourselves being #1 in the world that we think we can just blow off all our allies to do and take what we want. And if that seems to risky, send in CIA, or train foreigners to start a coup, or even sell arms to a great guy in part of the late 20th century called Saddam Husein.
Now look at us, we are on the brink of economical collapse because of severe greed and deregulation because of politicians loyal to lobbyists. Does anyone remember why many of those regulations were enacted back inthe 1930s? It is interesting how socialism rose in the first half of the 20th century, go crushed after world war 2, and corporate socialism rose in its place.
Honestly, what do you see in John McCain that gives you hope for the future? What don't you like about Obama? What don't you agree with about Nader? I know you have to have a better answer than keeping taxes low, McCain is a vet, and Obama has no experience.

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