Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dear Pres. Obama,

Congratulations on winning the election for the highest office in the world. The question is, are we as USAers going to stay on top after we have disregarded the UN, sent military in to sway countries in our favor, sent weapons to people fighting people we don't like only to turn against them down the road, had two very shady elections previously that are obscene to a democracy, but even worse not even really had a democracy for years. I really hope that you will bring democracy back to this country by allowing all legally electable candidates the right to debate, rein in the horrible media coverage of elections, and leave behind this corporate funded and lead two party oligarchy. I wish you my best in these years ahead as you will be under the spotlight of the world and with your every decision rests the blood, sweat, and tears of our journey as a human people.

Blessed be the warmakers,
Brian Bergstrom

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