Sunday, May 15, 2011

OSX, Apache, PHP, and MySql

I first tried out MAMP. Very easy to download install and BAM! you have a MAMP server running. I started to run into complexities when I had to install pear packages on the MAMP server and needed those in my development environment as well, basically when I was in shell and Eclipse.

I then ventured down the route of installing those things in the system and using the OSX preinstalls where available. OSX already comes with Apache and it was easy to uncommented the one line to start PHP5. The last thing was MySQL. I had used MacPorts previously, and had a decent experience with it, but a coworker of mine recently suggested Homebrew as an awesome way to install packages on OSX. I decided to give it a shot. Installation was a breeze and MySql was up and running in no time. Mad props to this dudes blog post.

Now that I have all the frameworks in place, next steps are to get Propel ORM a shot for database object oriented goodness. :)

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