Thursday, August 18, 2011

T-Mobile G2x Gingerbread Update

So, I waited patiently, but never recieved the OTA update for my phone. I finally checked on T-mobiles site last night and to my suprise there was an annoucement that the OTA was done and you have to go get it from LG if you were missed. :/

I worked through the update, and all went well. The updater from LG is a Windows only application(oh, the irony of updating my linux phone with a windows app through parallels on OSX). Phone rebooted, and all seemed well, except no mobile network connection and the battery was reading as 999%. WTF.

Talked to LG, they said its T-Mobile's problem. Talked to T-Mobile today, and did a factory reset on the phone, still no go. They are now sending me a replacement.....that possibly does not have Gingerbread on it. Hopefully this doesn't happen the 2nd time around.

I await the arrival of my new G2x, but for now I'm rockin my old RAZR.

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